Chris White


Business Development

(972) 587 - 0642


Mr. White is the Director of Business Development at Capview Partners and is responsible for identifying equity partners and sourcing real estate investors for properties in Capview Exchange.


Before joining Capview, Mr. White founded Cypress Capital Partners in 1997 and served as Managing Partner.  Over a 20-year period he focused on raising capital for US-based real estate and energy clients, including private equity and hedge funds, institutional investors, and family offices. Additionally, Mr. White developed credit enhancement structures that allowed asset owners to securitize holdings at higher credit ratings. In 2010 Cypress expanded into the West African market to assist his clients in identifying and funding industrial and petroleum assets. With over twenty-five years of investment banking, Mr. White maintains an extensive relationship network with the leading real estate and energy investors and lenders. During this period acquisition, disposition, funding and transaction values exceeded $4 billion.


Previously Mr. White joined AIG Trading Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of American International Group, in 1992 after it acquired the commodities trading and finance divisions of Drexel Burnham Lambert. Using AIG’s $550 billion balance sheet and AAA rating, he traded physical and financial oil and natural gas with counterparties including Shell, Exxon, Chevron, BP, Hess, and Pemex. Mr. White expanded operations to include structured long-term derivatives and reserve pre-pay funding.


Mr. White attended Texas Christian University, and enjoys travelling with his three children, deep sea fishing, and surfing.



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