John Hammill

Managing Partner

Mr. Hammill is Managing Partner of Capview Partners, responsible for overseeing all facets of the company’s operating activities and strategy. He has over 20 year’s experience in real estate and private equity offerings.


Mr. Hammill originally formed Capview Partners in 2010 to provide investors with access and expertise in the single tenant American retail segment of commercial real estate.  Capview Partners offers 1031 exchange solutions, acquisition, asset management, property management, accounting and reporting, disposition, and strategic advisory services in discretionary funds and separately managed accounts. While with Capview Partners Mr. Hammill has been involved with over $700M of transactions that have provided investors with capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted yields and total returns.  


Mr. Hammill started his career at The Staubach Company where he served as a Managing Director. While with Staubach, Mr. Hammill was involved in over 550 STNL transactions along with many other asset types with transaction experience totaling over $3.25 billion in value. Mr. Hammill was also involved in many private equity investments, structured debt offerings, and structured equity offerings.


Mr. Hammill completed his Masters of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science degrees at The University of Miami and Southern Methodist University, respectively.  Mr. Hammill is the fifth consecutive generation in his family to make a career in real estate investing and was raised in Miami, Connecticut, and South Africa. Mr. Hammill enjoys sailing, squash, tennis, golf, skiing, and hiking.



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