Paul Dauterive

Managing Director

Asset Management

Mr. Dauterive is a Managing Director of Capview Partners, responsible for developing and overseeing nationwide asset management and strategy.  He has over 20 years’ experience with single-family residence management and national real estate platforms.  His two decades of senior operational experience have centered around all facets of mass property management, technology, nationwide real estate transactions, valuation, vendor management, stabilization, maintenance, disposition, and rehab.


Paul joins Capview coming from inside the Fortune 500 ranks running large operating divisions for The First American Corporation where he held multiple CEO and COO divisional leadership positions interacting directly with the nation’s Top 25 lenders and mortgage holders.  More recently he has spent several years as an entrepreneur successfully contracting with multiple private equity real estate groups holding from $1-10 billion in single family real estate assets.   In these roles he had responsibility for developing and executing strategies to analyze, underwrite, enhance and protect asset value, meet budgetary objectives and oversee key issues on properties and portfolios.


Mr. Dauterive received a bachelors degree from Louisiana State University and resides in Dallas Texas with his wife and two children.  He enjoys traveling, golf, fishing, skiing and community volunteering. 



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