The firm only accepts investments from accredited and sophisticated investors. We are not registered investment advisors or securities dealers. We only accept investments to specific limited partnerships based on each individual’s review and understanding of the investment, and if they believe the investment meets their objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and total return objectives.


We tailor specific strategies to best capitalize on the single-tenant, net lease market based on the current and projected conditions. The team's expertise and experience are used to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. Our investment strategies focus on preserving capital, providing a stable yield from rental income, and capturing intrinsic value from single-tenant, net lease real estate.







Our experience, resources, and infrastructure improve the probability of success for achieving positive returns from investments in the net lease sector. Whether acting as a general partner or as an advisor, we can help ensure your success from investments in the net lease retail market. Properly executed, a net lease investment can be a predictable and stable source of income for investors. Our experience and market knowledge in net lease private equity is a good way to ensure a successful investment in single-tenant, net lease retail (STNLR) real estate.





The single tenant, net lease management team has a strong track record over their careers in private equity investing as a principal and advisor and are 1031 exchange experts. 


The experience of our management team has included but is not limited to:


  • 1031 Exchange Solutions

  • Portfolio Aggregation Investment Strategies

  • Sale Leasebacks

  • Build-To-Suit Development

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